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Bhajan Guidelines

Selfless Bhajans: Quotes by Swami

"Share aloud the glory of God and charge the atmosphere with divine adoration. Think of it as a part of spiritual training to be taken seriously for reducing the attachments to fleeting objects, for purifying, and for liberating you from the circle of birth, death, and consequent misery."                       - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Following guidelines must be followed during bhajans:

  1. Everybody should be seated a few minutes prior to start of the bhajan.
  2. Men should sit on one side of the prayer hall and women on the other.
  3. Bhajan leader and instrumentalists must be seated in the front few rows.
  4. Devotees arriving late must not disturb those already seated. They must quietly seat themselves behind the already seated devotees.
  5. Do not look around greeting one another, nor talk during the bhajan.
  6. Maintain perfect silence and restrict your movements to a minimum while sitting in the prayer hall.
  7. Sing sweet, familiar and devotional bhajans in any language which can be understood and sung by other devotees.
  8. Musical instruments used during bhajans should not drown the voices of the singers and those who follow, thus maintaining a balance between the instruments and singing.
  9. Do not clap out of tune.
  10. Do not monopolize the time in bhajans by singing one bhajan for six or ten minutes repeating the same lines again and again.
  11. Bhajans should be sung in two speeds: slow and fast. In the slow speed, sing each line twice and, in the fast speed only once except the last line which should be sung twice to signal the conclusion of the bhajan.
  12. After the bhajan, everyone should disperse quietly, maintaining silence.

Please read the quotes below from Sri Sathya Sai Baba regarding the guidelines to conduct Bhajans: